Ingrid Yuzly

Ingrid Yuzly Mathurin, a Haitian American artist, infused meaning into her life with each hardship she had to face. Her first-hand tangencies with abuse, teenage pregnancy, family mental illness and immigration served to shape her into a complex, multifaceted person whose art evokes the depths of the human experience.

Ingrid’s work is born at the juncture of her interests in African spirituality, female empowerment, social justice and mental health. Born in New York and raised in Florida, Ingrid faced rough urban realities alien to many – growing up, she took refuge in art as a medium through which to either reflect on or run away from some of them, too close to home for comfort. As an adult, she realized her pieces could contribute to social and political change for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities, as well as other groups facing discrimination.

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